Soul Calibur VI
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Alters the AI difficulty of LIbra of Soul mode.

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I've got a few variants of this mod.

Very Hard Libra of Soul
This one changes all fights to same difficulty as Legendary in Versus and Training modes. This makes Libra of Soul very challenging from the get-go, and will probably make the mode take a lot of time to beat (unless you're extremely good at the game). This is the version the video above is showcasing.

Harder Libra of Soul
This variant changes all Easy and Normal fights to Hard difficulty, and all Hard fights to Very Hard difficulty. This ensures there's never any fight which is ridiculously easy and it makes the late-game stuff a bit harder, but does not affect the difficulty of the hardest fights.

Easy Libra of Soul
This maxes out Libra of Soul difficulty at "Normal" which makes the whole thing much easier.

These mods are based on Libra of Soul with all season 1 characters. The mods might no longer work once season 2 characters get released.