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Are you annoyed by the old and old music of the old days? Then take a look at something fresher.
This mod Replace the complete SoulCalibur I MusicFolder (but keeps the Vanilla game music unchanged)

Permissions and credits
All Tracks are Looped and Has ReversalEdge Dynamic
You NEED SoulCalibur VI DLC3!!!!

just install the .pak in ur (SoulCaliburVIFolder/Content/paks/~mods)
!!! "~mods" must be created by User!!!!

Its just music, for now just try it, If u dont like it. Delete it :)

The New Legend - Docks area Miniboss (Ratchet & Clank 3)
Bloom and Harvest -
In the Choice Between Good and Evil (Bayonetta)
Sail Over the Storm - Under the Black Flag (Assasins Creed 4)
Duelists - Sad but True (Resident Evil 5)
The Cursed Image - Final Fight (Obscure)
Sweet Illusion - Agile Maneuvers (GrayGoo)
Wing of Faith - Little Bug Wants To Play (Shadow Warrior 2)
In the name of Father - The Golden Armada (StarCraft II)
Bred from the Gap - defeat the biobliteratory (Ratchet & Clank 3)
Unblessed Soul - Forgotten Rulers (Bombshell)
Beyond the Horizon - Minotaur Boss Battle (God of War)
Chasing Downstream - Wrapped in Black (Sonic: Rush)
Worth Dying For - Hunter's Chance (Final Fantasy IX) by The Black Mages
Gathering: Fatal Gravity - Sepiks Prime/Redux (Destiny)
Eye to Eye, Blade to Blade - Natural Selection (Prototype 2)
Leaving the World Behind- The High Seas (Assassins Creed 4)
Immortal Flame - Blade of the Ruined King (League of legends) by Pentakill

Ingame Names unchanged

Watch for more:
DEMO for Music Replacer (YouTube)

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