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A small mod to make the starting units actually useful

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If you are more of a roleplayer then this might be for you. The Ranger, Dwarf, Mage, and Fighter champions have had their starting units changed to actually be useful. All units will grow stronger at higher levels. The strength of the units are meant to compete but not surpass some of the other units like Imperial Pikemen.

If you take care of your units they can remain valuable in the late game. All units are properly themed to the champion. For example Drogon has a Dwarven Friar with a unique heal spell and a improved wolf cub who is fast and hard to hit. The ranger has a druid spirit bear, with howl and a fear ability and a Ranger apprentice Harton who can disable and opponents.

CAUTION, these files are meant to be dropped in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Sorcerer King\data\English directory. They will OVERWRITE the ones already there. Make a BACK UP of the 4 corresponding files in the zip file BEFORE overwriting them. As far as I know there is no mod directory to make this easier as of yet.

Enjoy, and leave a comment if it does not work. I will mod the other two champions in a few days.