Sons Of The Forest
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A basic Sons Of The Forest in game mod menu with various options like infinite stamina, teleport and so on.

Permissions and credits
Antiviruses may flag one ore more files as malicious but it's completely normal for these type of mods.

How to 

  • Download version 0.1.0 of the mod
  • Extract the "SOTFmenu" folder wherever you want
  • Download version 0.2.0 and 0.7.7 of the mod, replace the SOTFmenu.dll in the v 0.1.0 with the 0.7.7 (which is the latest) and copy the "images" folder from the 0.2.0 version into Copy\SOTF (always in the 0.1.0 package)
  • Run "SOTF Copy Folder.exe" to auto-copy the "SOTF" folder located in the "Copy" folder to the Documents folder or manually do it
  • Run "Edit Menu Config.exe" and set the game .exe path if different from the steam default one
  • [optional] Change the default open/close key and show/hide terminal window in the other opened config.ini file

How to use:

  • Run "Launch SOTF Mod Menu.exe" to run the game with the Mod Menu (Steam should preferably already opened to not cause the mod to load before the game has been opened) or inject the dll with whatever injector you like
  • Default open key is letter P

Read next!

  • Overlay programs like MSI Afterburner/RTSS can interfere with the menu, so I made it automatically close these two when loading but if you have other similar programs you should close them
  • When opening the mod menu for the first time the cursor will get stuck in the center, to free it press the windows key or alt+tab than reclick on the game. Pausing the game and other behaviors can cause the cursor to get stuck again when opening the mod menu, so when it does that just repeat the same process as above
  • Try not to open the menu while moving or doing something in game because the player will continue to do what's doing. If the player continue to walk in a direction just keep pressed the opposite key to that direction to freeze the player and open the mod menu, than release the key, close the menu and spam WASD or space for a bit
  • The game must be set to borderless window mode, fullscreen causes the game to crash and you cannot change resolution while playing
  • During installation "Copy" folder must remain in the same directory as "SOTF Copy Folder.exe"
  • "SOTF" folder must always remain in the Documents folder
  • "Launch SOTF Mod Menu.exe" must remain in the same folder as SOTFmenu.dll, you can leave them where they are and use a shortcut to "Launch SOTF Mod Menu.exe" wherever you want to run it

PS: The mod hasn't been tested in Multiplayer so I can't guarantee it to work online.
Confirmed to work in Multiplayer, you can have fun with your friends but I'm not responsible for a possible ban from online usage on public servers

Current features:

  • God Mode
  • Infinite Stamina
  • No Hungry
  • No Dehydration
  • No Sleep
  • Infinite Ammo (Beta)
  • Custom movement/swim speed
  • Super Jump
  • No Fall Damage
  • No Gravity
  • Instant Build mode
  • Teleport to some interesting locations
  • Interactive teleport MAP with displayed Player position
  • Add item/s to inventory
  • Spawn Characters
  • Season control
  • Tree regrow rate control
  • Custom multiplayer player limit
  • Change Mod Menu Color Theme
  • Modded HangGlider
  • Modded KnightV
  • Modded Pistol
  • Modded Shotgun
  • Modded Revolver
  • Modded Flashlight
  • Modded Lighter
  • Modded Rebreather
  • Modded RopeGun
  • Sun Control
  • Wind Control
  • DayTime Control + Freeze Time

Config files content and instructions:

[game path]
path = C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sons Of The Forest\SonsOfTheForest.exe<- change to your game install location

; PS: use \ and not / or \\
[open/close key]          ; Default is 0x50 = letter P
key value = 0x50<- Change number to corresponding key:

[show terminal]; 1 = show
value = 1           ; 0 = hide

Source code:

Made while looking at: to understand and learn how Unity il2cpp games modding works