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Allows the player to adjust max storage amounts per category or item via a configuration file.

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Allows the player to modify the max storage amounts for items within inventory via item or item.Category.

Requires: BepInEx

1. Download BepInEx from the link above
2. Open BepInEx-BepInExPack.zip, and navigate into the BepInExPack folder. Drag contents into Sons of the Forest game directory (right-click in steam > browse local files)
3. Open AdjustInventorySize.zip drag BepInEx into the base game directory
4. Navigate to BepInEx/config and open AdjustInventorySize.cfg
5. Edit the values as desired, Instructions are included in config file.
6. Enjoy.

If you'd like to share your config files with each other or me I'd be willing to add them as an optional download. The player would just need to download and replace the existing AdjustInventorySize.cfg.