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A full savegame editor for Sons of the Forest.
Revive Kelvin, locate Virginia on the map, fill all "Log Storeage", edit your strength level, edit your inventory, change the difficulty...........

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SOTF Savegame Editor (v0.6.0 Beta)

Sons of the Forest is a survival game with many stuff in it. You can build your own house with traps to protect you from cannibals and mutants.
Some people just want to build there house or did a mistake by killing Kelvin or Virginia. This Savegame Editor will maybe help you out a bit.

Key Features:

- Edit Game Data such as difficulty and enemy spawn rate.
- Find Locations, spawn points, characters (Virginia, Kelvin, ...) on the map
- Teleport Kevin or Virginia somewhere on the map.
- Edit your character like your strength level. You can also edit Virginia and Kelvin, giving them a GPS sender or a pisol (Virginia only right now).
- Edit your Inventory. Remove everything from your Inventory, or give you everything. Always wanted to have full 9mm ammo, full C4, full Molotov, ....
- Edit all your storeages. Fill up all Log/stick/stone/bone storeages with a single click. Edit everything in your shelfs and drying racks.
- Backup Function included. Before you save, it will create a backup for you. You can restore the backup anytime with the original files, by using the "File" menu.
- View Actor Families
- Edit Zip Lines

Update 0.6.0 Notice:
Please delete the old files, or at least the "SOTF_Struct.dll", "Krypton.Toolkit.dll" and the "Krypton.Toolkit.Suite.Extended.TreeGridView.dll" Files, because they have moved into a "/lib" Subdirectory now.

.NET 6.0 Runtimes or .NET 6.0 DesktopApp Runtimes or later versions

Install Notes:
- Download the File
- Extract it some where on your computer, except for secured directories (not somewhere in "C:\Programm Files" nor "C:\Programm Files(x86)")
- Run "SOTF Savegame Editor.exe"

- Just delete the files. SOTF Savegame Editor does not create files anywhere else.


v0.2 Beta:
first release. Some bugs are still there.
Wall shelfs don't work, aswell as the mannequin. Locations and Quests are still on the WIP.
Some Items are still missing in my item list.

v0.3 Beta:
- Improved SOTF Savegame Directory search
- Added a Editor Settings (File -> Settings)
- - Manuelly Savegame Directory browsing.
- - Manuelly selecting a backup strategy (Always create a backup, Never create a backup, Ask when saving, Create backup if not exists)
- Item List contains now almost all Items from the game
- Added Custom Game settings for Envirement and Survival
- Wall Shelf is now supported
- Support for the latest Sons of the Forest update (March 09. 2023)
- Some major bug fixes

v0.4 Beta:
- Added Hotkeys for Tabs
- Added Quick Menu with Hotkeys
- Allow Character Stats above 1000
- Item List now has almost all items with correct max values
- Added New experemental setting "Allow above maximum" that allows having 1000 items in any kind of storeage, and 1000 of each stackable inventory item
- Multiplayer (Host only) is now available
- Advanced Error Reporting
- Bug Report
- Armor support added
- Map coordination system corrected
- Infos when hovering an object on map
- Displying WorldItems on map
- Abort Loading / Saving when an error occur
- About Formular
- Fixed "NaN" Bug
- PayPal Donation Button
Hotfix 1:
- Fixed a bug, when loading a Savegame that has more then 6 Items on a Drying Rack
  (The item count will be dropped back to 6 items)
Hotfix 2:
Drying Racks should now work completely
- Fixed some issues with Drying Racks
- Fixed an issue with missing datas (like "WorldItemManagerSaveData.json")
- Fixed an issue with "Strength divided by zero"
- Fixed an issue with ArgumentOutOfRange, when removing Items (Flashlight as example) from your inventory

v0.5 Beta
- Mini-Map added (by clicking on a Map Item, edit a Kelvin/Virginia attribute, selecting a log/stick/stone/... storage, selecting a family or a actor in a family)
- Family Viewing & Editing added (Anger / Fear / Sentiment options for all actors)
- Actor Preview Images added
- Removed "Above Max" Option. This is not longer supported by Sons of the Forest)
- Support for the latest Sons of the Forest update (March 24. 2023)
- Trying to fix Dry Rack Problem. Hope it works now (I Can't replicate the problem)
- Fixed a problem with Kelvin and Virginia stats and clothing
- Reviving Kelvin and Virginia even when there bodys has disappeard, is now possible (Creating new actors)
Hotfix 1:
- Completely renew the Drying Rack System
- Fixed a bug that causes "RefreshStorageTreeview" Error, when loading a savegame that doesn't have any structures
- Replaces all Actor Names with the official actor names (Except for Kelvin and Timmy).
- Actor State 3 is Sleeping

v6.0 Beta
- Improved Map System
- - Way faster
- - better scrolling
- - Zooming added
- Map Icons are now simpler, cannibals are orange, strong cannibals are dark orange, mutants are all now red, birds are blue,...
- Caves and POIs are now listed on the Map (more will come)
- Teleport inside POI and caves (even when they are closed)
- Filter Option, for POI (View -> Map Options -> Areas -> ..., or Ctrl+F1 - F12 + Shift+Ctrl+F1 - F12
- Virginia and Kelvion can't teleport to a creature in caves
- When the player teleports to a creature in a cave, his area will be set to the cave
- Bug Report will now be tansmitted over SSL, the password isn't stored as plain/text in the sourcecode
- Exchange the savegame thumbnail with a custom thumbnail by using "Edit -> Import Thumbnail" or by Drag&Drop a jpg/bmp/png in the editor
- Open Savegames using Drag&Drop the Savegame Folder into the editor
- Edit existing Zip Lines, Move there start or End-Point to the Player location (even when the player is up on the mounten)
- Show Ziplines on the Map
- "Max Health" and "Current Strength Progress" are no longer editable. Instead they are calculated by the Strength Level
- Added new Update Items to the list
- Fixed the max amount of inventory and shelf items.
- Added Update Notification, when a new Update is available
- Removed InfluenceMemory from Kelvin and Virginia again, when saving the game. Instead, when you revive them, there memory will be deleted.
- Can't run the Savegame Editor from inside the zip archive anymore (had many Bug Reports about this). You must extract it now. (Maybe in your Sons of the forest directory and create a shortcut on your desktop?)


Upcomming Features:
- Edit Quests and progress
- Reclose all caves
- Edit World Events
- multilingual features
- Tab Page for teachable constructions (It seems, something like this is comming to Sons of the forest in later versions)
- (Far in the future) Support for multiple Kelvins and Virginias
- Change season
- Structure List
- Finish (all) blueprints
- Exchange a blueprinted structure with another structure (Exchange a mannequin with a bone chair)
- Spawn Actors (Cannibals, animals, ...) infront of you, near you, or somewhere on the map
- Add Cave Previews
- Add cannibal villages to map
- Add Hightmap, to teleport anywhere on the map