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Welcome, survivors - to the mildly fortified secluded camp on the damn cliff! To put it in short - it's a day zero save file with nicely done house with defences, storage, Kelvin and a scenery to embrace. Nothing explored, nothing looted, zero progress, an island ready to conquer! Put it in Appdata and all done. Details below:

Permissions and credits

  • Save done at midnight, so I guess the first thing to be done is to sleep.
  • Zero changes to world, no progress, no things looted or explored. Everything is done and stored with basic resources from accessible area and first-steps crafts. Kelvin found, emergency bag opened - only exceptions.
  • In fact - save cost me 5 ingame days, but I got rid of this misunderstanding with save editor. 
  • Virginia is wandering around somewhere. She was there all the time btw, but as a true sigma i didn't recruit her, she behaved as a typical woman in my presense - ran away (I was never good at flirting, my bad). Jokes aside - I behaved nice so it's up to you to recruit her.
  • May cause lags in some cases (my case is an old (3-4 years) laptop - everything on high, FSR off, small lags only inside the house (thats because of torches).


  • Area is divided into: warehouse zone, gate, lakeside and center.

There are defences established across the perimeter. Includes - wooden defencive barrier with anti-personnel sharp sticks reinforced with stones, couple of traps set and ready for an unauthorised personnel disposal actions, three towers to build up a line of sight for a possible breaches of perimeter from the side of local criminal elements and agressive humaniod forms.

Warehouse zone contains fully filled storages with building resourses and a small house (intended for Kelvin firstly but this shithead prefers to sleep on the grass). 

  • There are two possible ways to leave and enter that site - through the lake and through the gate. Gate is located west. Lake is unaccessible for local fauna. (Other ways like ropes, glider, Knight V and others are not in count).

Lakeside contains only one thing - bench.

Center has plant pots, benches, campfire and a tower. 


House is built from wood and stone, has eight floors in total but only half of them are operational (most are an empty space. Roof is only a decoration - it's empty inside).

  • House is divided into public and personal zones - personal are accessible ONLY by ropes.

House contains - ground floor with two rooms (public), first floor with half room (public)

second floor with balconies (personal)

and two personal rooms in two floors located on the backside of the house. 

  • House hasn't decorated much because of reasons. You are free to decorate and change anything yourself.


You can either rename provided file to "" and place it in folder below or replace your own files with mine INSIDE zip.

Put in C:\Users\......\AppData\LocalLow\Endnight\SonsOfTheForest\Saves\.........\SinglePlayer\............