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Silver Sonic II skin mod for Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

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Silver Sonic II, from Archie 'Sonic the Hedgehog #85 and #98, has launched themselves into SA2!Found within one of the cryotubes aboard Robotnik's Egg Carrier during the events of Sonic Adventure, Silver Sonic 2.0 was released with the sole intention of seeking revenge on Sonic for thwarting the doctors' evil plan to harness Perfect Chaos's power to take over Station Square. With an infinite power supply, guided wrist missiles, and eye lasers, Silver Sonic II might be one of Robotnik's most dangerous creations yet...This character mod replaces Metal Sonic with Silver Sonic 2.0 using a completely custom model with it's own unique sound effects to boot. The sounds also function properly in the Chao Garden (unlike the base game where loading 2P characters in causes audio errors).

Note: due to Sonic and Metal Sonic sharing the same color trail effect (homing attack / spin dash), this mod affects both Sonic and Metal Sonic (changing the color from blue to orange).Model, textures, and sounds created by Austin Hodge (DISTORTED MACHINE).


Special thanks for Dexterity for sharing their rim light technique.