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Lifts restrictions for farms (Cotton, Mushroom, Opiates) and all pastures, so they can be grown/built in any climate.

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Know that every Download will go towards the Ukraine Relief Effort

Want to grow drugs in the cold Tundra ?

Or maybe you wish to provide your citizens with
" locally quality grown vegan fairtrade no child labor 100% pesticide free no gluten 0% fat cells  "
good 'old Mushrooms and not be extorted by the Merchants Guild prices.
Or you just want to have some lizard eggs for breakfast ...

[size=6]Then you're in the right place Despot.

This mod makes so you're able to build all farms and pastures, in v60 of SoS, in your city when the climate previously prohibited you.

A simple mod that removes climate restrictions on farms/pastures, allowing you to construct them.
I have plans to, in the future, make it a more balanced mod but right now ... kinda cheesy.

GG, from SpaceMinion