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Soldier Of Fortune 2 - Double Helix MP Entity Definition File for GTKRadiant.
Can be used with any version of radiant.
Completely overhauled to give as much information to mappers about each entity.

Permissions and credits
Soldier Of Fortune 2 - Double Helix MP Entity Definition File for GTKRadiant.
Updated by Melv "Stukatto" Miller: [email protected]

This is the most comprehensive version of a definition file for any of the Q3 engine based games.
Last updated: 07/07/2016
Version 4.0
In this zip file should be:
mp_entities.def (updated mp entities definition file).
Bonus Files:
Soldier_of_Fortune_2_Models_List.txt (Complete listing of SoF2's Model paths).
Soldier_of_Fortune_2_Music_List.txt (Complete listing of SoF2's Music paths).
Soldier_of_Fortune_2_Sounds_List.txt (Complete listing of SoF2's Sound paths).
Soldier_of_Fortune_2_Effects_List.txt (Complete listing of SoF2's Effects paths).
Soldier_of_Fortune_2_Player_Stats.txt (Complete list of player attributes, like size, jump distance for mappers).
MP Entities Definition File
What has changed:

Renamed "item_*****" to "__*Stukatto_Entity_Info*__" to make it sit atop the entity menu in GTKRadiant.
Added a whole host of info relating to general keys commonly used by most entities.
Updated every entity to include a wealth of information on what they do, how they do it with tips and all *known* keys and values.
Included detailed weapon and ammo descriptions.
Re-wrote the formatting and layout to make it easier to read inside GTKRadiants entity inspector window.
Reordered the entities alphabetically as they appear in GTKRadiant whilst adding section comments and separators.
TODO IF POSSIBLE - Add viewable models to all powerups and weapons for displaying in GTKRadiant. (As opposed to the default coloured cubes).

This definition file took several days to compile using data from multiple sources. As time goes by less sites are dedicated to Q3,EF,SOF2 MP map editing.
It uses a combination of:
The Original Q3 .def files,
The Original SoF2 mp_entities.def,
My previous updated .def files from 2002,
Definition files from all versions of Radiant and GTKRadiant across multiple games,
Raven MP mapping tutorials for unspecified keys/values,
Mapping forums and websites (that still exist).

Entity definition file breakdown
Lines that begin with two forward slashes like this line, are used for comments and are not processed by the editors.
Each entity begins with "forward slash, star QUAKED" followed by the entities classname.
The first bracketed number e.g. ( 0 0 0 )is the entity color in GTKRadiant. ( R G B ).
You can change this if you wish, useful to make func_ entities show up better when you have customized the grid colors.
The next two sets of bracketed numbers are the dimensions of the entity bounding box. (-8 -8 -8) (8 8 8) makes it a 16x16x16 cube.
Next is the spawn flags. Each word is separated by a space and produces a check box in the entity window. Referring to the spawnflags 1,2,4,8,16.32 etc.
Sometimes you will see a ? or x. These are fillers for spawnflags not in use and used to shift the word to the next usable spawnflag.
Next is the entities description, notes, keys, spawnflags etc.
Entities that use a model like ammo and weapons can have an additional line added (model="models\weapons\m4\m4.glm") and allow GTK to display the 3D model rather than a coloured box.
Followed lastly by the "star, forward slash" which denotes the end of that entities definition.