Solasta: Crown of the Magister
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You've tracked the recent outbreak of banditry to an old, abandon crypt tucked away deep in the mountains. Your young party is far removed from support, so you hesitantly decided to pursue. Have you bitten off too much?

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The mod will allow 1st thru 3rd lvl party members, though as the author I should have set it to 2nd lvl minimum. If you wish to try a 1st lvl party you can, but temper your expectations so as to not blame the mod itself. They won't survive the final battle, if they make it that far. This mod was intended to be difficult. Might even say exceedingly so. (Your 1st hint, should be the nr of healing pots I give your party to start with)

This crypt has been taken over and somewhat redesigned by a large group of well led bandits. Barracks rooms, an armory of sorts, even what serves as a mess hall can be found within. There are riches to, provided you can clear the halls and rooms of their current living occupants.

The final battle will test your mettle. Do not be dismayed, if you have to play it more than once in order to find a way of beating it.