Solasta: Crown of the Magister
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A set of utility functions and patches for making Solasta mods.

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A set of utility functions and patches for making Solasta mods.
Do not hesitate to make a donation if you  liked the mod and want to support its development.

Requires game version 1.1.11.
Known Issue
When the bard attempts to use a reaction during other party memeber turn(like Music of the Spheres from college of Virtue) and the camera attempts
to focus on this action, the game might freeze completely.
Please set contextual camera frequency to 0 (in Settings->Game->Camera) if you experience this issue.

Read carefully mod description and this faq, before asking any questions or posting bugs.

I think I found a bug:
1. Ensure that the bug is not coming from vanilla version, i.e not reproducible when using same or similar feature without the mod, or is directly related to some of the mod feature not present in vanilla.
2. Verify that issue is not caused by any other mod (i.e. it it still there with ALL OTHER MODS UNINSTALLED, except other modes authored by me or required ones).
3. Carefully read mod description till the end (chances are that it is not a bug but a mod feature).
4. Reread corresponding feature description (probably several times); it is possible that you did not understand it correctly or it is intentionally implemented differently from pnp).

5. Ensure that you have latest version of the mod and all mods it depends on.
if none of this helps, provide the following information:
1. Precise bug description.
2. Your game version, mod version and a list of other mods (with versions) you are using.
3. A step by step explanation on how to replicate the bug and a save game
(mod-free.,  in a valid state - i.e. without already broken
charactersetc; use google drive, dropbox or similar service), if it is not
something that can be replicated on lvl1 character without any enemies.
4. Your UMM log.

Source code at github.

How to Install
  1. Download and install Unity Mod Manager (UMM)
  2. Execute UMM, Select Solasta, and Install
  3. Download and install SolastaModApi using UMM
  4. Download and install the mod (.zip file from releases page) via UMM