Solasta: Crown of the Magister
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A selection of homebrew feats for your building enjoyment!

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DEPRECATED - This mod's contents have been rolled in the Community Expansion Pack!

Updated for Primal Calling DLC. Please make sure all prerequisite mods are also updated

This mod contains a selection of home brewed feats. For now, only 2, but more coming in the future.

Dual Flurry: You are a master of fighting with paired weapons. On any turn where you hit twice with melee attacks while wielding a weapon in each hand, you may make an additional off-hand attack.

Torchbearer: You are skilled in the use of a torch in battle. Once per turn, as a bonus action you may elect to use a light source you have equipped to attempt to set an enemy you can touch on fire. Your target must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or take 1d4 fire damage per turn for 1 minute or until extinguished. The DC of this save is based on your Dexterity and Proficiency Bonus.


Requires Solasta Mod Api and Solasta Mod Helpers.

Source Code is available here:

Special Thanks To:
AceHigh, ChrisJohnDigital, Holic75, ImpPhil, View619, Zappastuff, and the rest of the Solasta Modding Discord for paving the way, and putting up with me while I figured this thing out.