Solasta: Crown of the Magister

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Solasta Multi Class leverages the game engine to offer multiclassing capabilities.

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Solasta Multi Class

SPECIAL THANKS: AceHigh for giving up on previous Multiclass mod he wrote and allowing the Shared Slot System to be leveraged here instead... Also for all the ideas, OGL knowledge and help on what to tackle next.


  • supports official game classes
  • supports for unofficial game classes
  1. Holic's Barbarian, Bard, Monk and Warlock
  2. AceHigh's Barbarian and Warlock
  3. ChrisJohnDigital's Tinkerer, Con Artist, Spell Shield
  4. DubhHerder's Druid
  • supports unsupported unofficial game classes  
  1. Add the Mod name to this Mod LoadAfter list in Info.Json
  2. Customize the caster spell level for this class or subclass in this Mod Settings panel
  • can multiclass into up to 3 different classes
  • only gains some of new starting proficiencies
  • attributes prerequisites for class in/out
  • extra attacks / unarmored defense won't stack when granted by different classes
  • uses the max number of channel divinity uses per day if multiclassing a Cleric with a Paladin
  • shared spell casting system working independently from Warlock's Pact Magic

  • Warlock Pact Magic System and Shared Slot System work independently from each other

For anyone asking for BarbarianBard or Monk... They also require SolastaModHelpers and SolastaModApi to work correctly.

Source code on GitHub.

Thanks also ImpPhil, ChrisJohnDigital and Holic for all their support.