Solasta: Crown of the Magister
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Premade Optimized Party at level 1 with basic magic Items.

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Now you can respec them with Zappastuff's mod in to your liking.

Optimiced premade characters ready to use in any module with convenience magic items:

      1. All Characters have:
  • Magic bows +1
  • Bags of holding
  • Appropiate +1 weapon for the class
  • Casting focus in a free slot
  • Healing Potions
  • Fire Arrows
  • Magical clothes for non armor users
  • 3 uncommon trinkets to attune:

           1. Ring +1
           2. Amulet +1
           3. Lucky stone

       2. Nothing absurdly powerful but useful from level 1-10 for any module
       3. There are copies of the items if you want to combine them with your custom characters
       4. All characters are humans with these DM fiats:
           - Human variant (Tasha's Cauldron Version)
           - Extra non combat free feat
           - Maxed stats
           - Darkvision (TCE rule)

    5. If you think they are too powerful just drop the items while inspecting them in the menu
    6. All cantrips and level 1 spells are known for wizard and cleric
    7. there's 1 of each class with the most optimal background
    8. Any of them can be the face if you take manipulator.

I made this to have a ready to go party whenever I want to play a new module so I can level them to the level of the module and keep the level 1 version.
C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\LocalLow\Tactical Adventures\Solasta
Place the files in the character folder or merge after removing the .zip (just rename the download folder)