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Adds a ranchable version of the Twinkle Slime, a toy for it, and a new gadget for unlocking chime instruments.

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Adds a ranchable version of the Twinkle Slime, a toy for it, and a new gadget for unlocking chime instruments.

  • Works on 1.4.3 and above. Will not work on any version below that due to instruments missing.
  • Only one spawns per (real life) day.
  • They spawn in different locations every day.
  • Each chosen location is the same for every computer 
  • Locations of past Twinkle Gordos are the spawns for these slimes.
  • Twinkle slimes will sometimes sing.
  • Twinkles slimes have a good stomach, can not eat for over a day.
  • Twinkle plorts sell for high prices because of how rare they are.
  • They produce chimes along with their plorts (Good luck cleaning that up lol)
  • Twinkle Slimes eat anything, but they don't have a favorite. (You can suggest me favorite food if you want)
  • Jukebox gadget blueprint can be unlocked a few hours after meeting a twinkle slime.
  • To make the jukebox, you need 50 Twinkle Plorts, 25 Glass Shards, 6 Manifold Cubes, 4 Strange Diamond.
  • Instruments are not actual instruments, they are just ones for the chime changer.
  • Instruments that you don't already own can be bought with the jukebox gadget
  • You can use the command "whereistwinkle" to know the coordinates and name of the spawner. Or you can use this calculator (Warning: this calculator is in GMT)
  • Plort market may not show the twinkle plort value correctly if it is over 1000 newbucks. I'd recommend the button right next to the plort market input to help you see it.
  • Secret Style treasure pod is located in the twinkle slime's very first location from December 18th 2018 (Moss Blanket's Mushroom Lake)

Spawn Locations based on spawner names.

  • gordoEchoNote1: Dry Reef near small feral island/tabby gordo.
  • gordoEchoNote2: Dry Reef on Ring Island.
  • gordoEchoNote3: Dry Reef near ranch entrance.
  • gordoEchoNote4: Indigo Quarry near rock gordo in a cave.
  • gordoEchoNote5: Ash Island near entrance/portal.
  • gordoEchoNote6: Indigo Quarry, middle north.
  • gordoEchoNote7: Moss Blanket, entrance.
  • gordoEchoNote8: Moss Blanket, west, medium sized island with big pond
  • gordoEchoNote9: Moss Blanket, north middle, near a pond and teleporter that goes home.
  • gordoEchoNote10: Ancient Ruins, big slime gate.
  • gordoEchoNote11: Ancient Ruins, center.
  • gordoEchoNote12: Ancient Ruins, huge pond outside teleporter.
  • gordoEchoNote13: Glass Desert, near tangle gordo.