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Adds shadow slimes, hens, and plorts! Leave a Phosphor Rad Largo out in the sun to get a shadow slime! Find the hens in the Indigo Quarry rarely.

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Shadow slimes are formed when a Phosphor Rad Largo is left to bake in the sun, the light of the phosphor slimes radiates away and forms these slimes.

Rancher Risks
When agitated, these slimes will grow to x3 their size! Keep these slimes well-fed unless you want huge slimes all over your ranch! These slimes also hurt when touched, the surface of these slimes is too cold to touch!

Shadow Plorts are helpful for research in light, scientist all around the world use this when trying to remove 100% of the light from an experiment, it also makes a sick really black paint. Due to these slimes only eating meat, there is a small amount of these plorts. This lack of plorts means a high price! Not mentioning the difficulty of ranching these slimes!

- Leave a Phosphor Rad Largo out in the sun to get one!
- When the slimes are big, they cannot be vacced (gets stuck on the nozzle).
- Find shadow hens rarely in the Indigo Quarry as of 1.3!
- Works with drones!
- for Slime Rancher v1.4.4

- Shadow Gordo
- Shadow Slime Toy
- Fix Shadow Largos to have colored faces
- QOL/Balance changes