Slime Rancher
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Have you ever wanted to ranch a tarr? Have you ever wanted to see what the elusive tarr plort might look like? Have you ever wanted to see a tarr slime that's only 75% as large as a regular one? Am I asking too many questions? All of this and more in this mod!

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The Tarr Rancher mod introduces the new mythical Slimey Solution, a mysterious element from the slime sea so rare that it's only obtainable by special abyssal pumps from the 7Zee Rewards Club. This element has the ability to calm tarr down. What's more, it seems to compress the tarr produced from this calm tarr into a plort. Rumors of this object have long been going around.


  • How do you get the slimey solution?
  • You need to use an abyssal pump in an area classified as the Slime Sea (areas such as the moustache island, and transition in between the Dry Reef and Moss Blanket). It might take a few tries!

  • My tarr aren't eating the slimey solution!
  • I'm not sure what exactly causes this, but most likely they're targeting another object, such as a hen or slime. Make sure they're in a space where they can't be distracted.

  • What's the rainbow slime?
  • The rainbow slime is a WIP slime that will be extracted from calmed tarr. No planned release date.

  • I have a bug!
  • Report it in the Slime Rancher Discord server's modding channel. Invite Link