Slime Rancher
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A small mod that works on bringing back a number of mechanics to the game that were scrapped with the cancellation of iron rancher for 1.4.0.

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basically turns on existing modifiers:
plorts now explode after 30 seconds
tarr have a chance to spawn in place of another slime at night
slime spawns are increased by 30%
slimes grow hungry 25% slower than normal
chickens become feral at night
and if you are using the tarr roulette version of the mod, each time a slime eats there is a 10% chance that it becomes a random plort (quicksilver plorts included, modded plorts should be applicable)

the zip file that is downloaded with the mod comes with 2 seperate folders, each containing one .dll (named identically and will replace one another when placed into the same folder.). you'll want to copy a dll from your preferred version of the mod into the SRML mods folder to install the mod.

broken down the instructions are as follows
1) download and install SRML
2) download one of the iron rancher main files.
3) extract folders from the zip file you downloaded into your mods folder.
5) play the game. if everything above was done correctly the mod should appear in the SRML mods list.