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A simple mod that aims to bring pokemon's shiny system to the slimes of slimerancher. find those rare, elusive, but collectable variants of your favourite slimes to bring home and raise on your ranch.

Permissions and credits
This mod aims to add rare variants to the slimes of the game. when a slime spawns it has a chance to randomly spawn as a shiny, appearing a different colour and having an internal value that identifies it as a shiny. at the present moment shinies function identically to the gen 3-8 Pokemon games when compared to their original counterparts... they just look different. this however is intended to differ later on in development.

as it currently stands, here's a list of current features in the mod.
  • All slimes (should include modded) may spawn with a shiny value set to 1. any slime set with a shiny value of 1 will look different from its counterpart with a value of 0. the odds are currently a 1/2000 for public testing purposes while maintaining some rarity.
  • Slimes keep their shiny value between play sessions and even through the vacpac. they keep their colours with that shiny value as well. (later updates that change a shiny's shiny form will be released in a set of 2. one that replaces all previously obtained shinies with their updated appearance, and another that leaves them be.)
  • only a handful of slimes currently have an actual shiny form, though every slime should appear different when shiny. those slimes are as follows: Pink, Tabby, Boom, Puddle, Mosaic, Fire, Dervish, Rad, Quantum, Hunter, quicksilver.
  • special event skins for special occasions are possible.
Here's a list of current features that aren't intended, aren't technically bugs, but will be removed/fixed at a later date.
  • secret styles in general don't present as they are intended to. while they do function, they just aren't what they are going to be when i get a chance to get them working the way i want them to.

A list of planned features, since why not.
  • every slime having a shiny form coloured (and not just set to null on every colour)
  • inter-mod communication so other modders can add shiny forms to their slimes to be used by this mod (and not just get permanently locked into null colour)
  • largos being shiny based on the slime that was fed the plort (2 shiny forms for every single largo...)
  • unique palettes for secret styles, separate from the normal palettes, meaning a shiny secret style will have its own unique appearance similarly to its normal counterpart.
  • unique icons for the vacpac to present if you have a shiny in a slot.

Event schedule:
  • may 13 - may 27: Veesus' birthday, special rad skin.
  • January 23 - febuary 7th: kara's birthday, special tabby skin..
  • June 5- june 19: Purple's Birthday, special fire skin
  • july 1 - july 15: Cricket's welcome, special quantum skin.

one command was added, even if only temporarily, being skinspawn. it functions almost identically to the spawn command, though requires a second argument with an optional 3rd. the syntax is as follows. note there is not any autocomplete made for it yet.

skinspawn <slime id> <skin type> [count]

accepted skin types are EVENT, SHINY, DEV. anything else will return a normal slime as if using the spawn command.

  1. Install SRML
  2. Download the zip
  3. Put the file from inside the zip folder into your SRML Mods directory
  4. Run your game and enjoy!

If you want on the spot update notices for events, check out the SRML discord:

Coded by: Purplecharmanderz
Designs by: Wolfofstars, bento aerouant.
Special thanks to those who have helped with some of the coding headaches in no particular order: veesus mikel heir, cabbagecrow, solly, ricardo and lionmeow, each in their own ways either directly or indirectly.