Slime Rancher
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Adds two new slimes, the black hole slime, and the white hole slime.

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This mods adds two new slimes, the black hole slime, and the white hole slime.
They're fundamentally linked, in that you can't have a black hole without a white hole, and vice versa.
When something enters a black hole slime, if it isn't destroyed, it comes out the white hole. Food that enters the black hole comes out of the white hole as a Singularity Plort

The black hole, acts like a black hole, and sucks everything up, while the white hole blows everything away.
Their effects work on the player too, unless you're wearing a special upgrade called the Gravity Cuffs that use energy to keep you still near these slimes.

To obtain a black hole and white hole slime, throw a Boom Quantum Largo into a
Chicken Cloner

  1. Download the zip
  2. Put the dll in the zip into your SRML Mods directory
  3. Enjoy!

Credit to the mod page icon goes to Dracoclaw
Credit for the icons used in game goes to bento aerouant

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