Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
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Enjoy starting a new game of Sleeping Dogs without worrying about the collectathon grind that distracts from the better parts of the game. (This save file was made legit without the use of CheatEngine for whatever it's worth to those who care)

Permissions and credits
This is a completed NG save file for Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition. I know others have done this before but I made my own anyways.

  • The save file picks up right after the end of the prologue (Night Market Chase)
  • All health shrines have been collected
  • All lockboxes have been collected
  • All red envelopes have been collected
  • All non-story related jade statues have been collected (8/11) (You can't miss the remaining 3 when you encounter them in the story so don't worry)
  • Wei has around $1.75 million dollars (from red envelopes and lockbox money, not a single penny was spent on food, taxis, assets, or anything else; this is the maximum money you can have up to this point in the game)
  • Any clothing assets which can only be acquired from lockboxes are confirmed to be in Wei's wardrobe (this is important for those who want a perfect save file because Sleeping Dogs is terrible for collection glitches that don't add the item to your inventory or fail to mark it as checked off in your assets menu, and this is a large factor in why I chose to make my own one of these save files)
This is everything that Sleeping Dogs lets you do before the first mission. Yes, I did all this so you don't have to! (and especially so I never have to again, because I re-play this game 1 or 2 times a year and I hate collecting this stuff every time!) Have fun bypassing the collectathon grind completely and simply enjoying the story and beautiful scenery of Hong Kong.

How to use:
download "HK GameSlot 4" (whichever version you prefer--see below for details) and copy it into your Sleeping Dogs save folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SleepingDogsDefinitiveEdition\data).

Note: if you already have a save file in slot 4, it will be overwritten. Rename the file to any save slot from 1-4 that you want to use.

Also, I've included a second save file which contains all of the above but also includes 7/26 security cameras collected. The reason why not all 26 is because security cameras are largely tied to the game missions (18 of 26 are part of drug busts, and 2 more are in the mainline story missions). That leaves only 6 optional cameras which you have to go out of your way to collect. Since there are surely some people who don't want to do even that much (including me since I've done it a million times in previous playthroughs) I've made it an option here. Also, the seventh camera is because Wei has to do the first drug bust in order to learn the ability to hack cameras, so you can only get those 6 optional cameras by getting the 1 in the Popstar Lead 2 mission.

If you want to use this save file, the progression to play from a new file before loading into it is:
- Play through opening tutorials
- Complete Night Market prologue without buying anything (you won't keep it anyway)
- After gaining access to the open world, head straight to the police station and complete Popstar Lead 1 and 2 (again, don't bother buying or collecting anything)
- End Popstar Lead 2 after using the TV in your room and load into the save file from there, at which point you can save over your own save file with this one

Choosing this second file over the main one essentially means you can finish with a perfect completionist save file by simply doing every mission and buying the remaining clothes and cars as you come across them; no exploration necessary.