Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
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Take the quick path into the story and avoid the nasty treasure hunt.

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Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Quick Start / No Treasure Hunt Savegame

The one thing I hate most about Open World Games, not just Sleeping Dogs is the Trophy Hunt. Whether it's Assassin's Creed, GTAIV, Red Dead Redemption, or Sleeping Dogs. In every open-world title today, you have to collect 100 Whatevers, beat up 10 GoFuckYourselfs, and activate 25 DingDongs on top... 

In my opinion, this is the cheapest way for Game Designers to stretch the length of their product, but I really don't want to collect every piece of dirt, again and again, every time I play Sleeping Dogs. 

So here it is... I have played the tedious part once, so you don't have to! Perfect for a Rerun!

Have Fun and enjoy the game!!!

NO cheats used!

Simply install the "HK GameSlot" files to:

Use only ONE "HK GameSlot"-file, depending on which slot is already in use. 

The Savegame jumps right in after Mission Nr.3 "Stick up and Delivery". 

Nothing was bought (only "Minor Tough Outfit" complete from Tutorial Mission).

Every other piece of clothing found in the wardrobe is either also from the Tutorial missions, or from the Lockboxes,

1,185,763 HKD in Cash
-> All Lockboxes collected 
-> All Health Shrines collected
-> NO Cameras hacked
Cameras are available during later missions
-> All Red-Envelopes collected 
-> All BUT Three Jade-Statues (see Pictures for details)
Missing Statues are only accessible during later missions (Green Arrow):
1. Statue: CENTRAL / Commercial District
2. Statue: CENTRAL / Gambling Den (high up north in open sea)
3. Statue: KENNEDY / Two Chin's House

Jade Statues are GREEN
Health Shrines are YELLOW
Red-Envelopes are RED
Lock Boxes are BLUE


Enjoy !