Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
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three save files

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This includes three save files. These were done in "The Definitive Edition" Of Sleeping Dogs only.
I've never owned the standard version of the game so I have no idea if these save files are compatible with the standard game

The save file location

Copy and replace the files to the Data folder Sleeping Dogs is in. To access it.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SleepingDogsDefinitiveEdition\data

#1 - The Enduro race passed
I did this giving you as much to do in the game as possible as the other was a more personal file. The only stuff purchased was absolutely necessary to win the other races in the game. The only two items I did not buy was the B class bike (GX300) and if I unlocked the DZS-90 which is the car with the machine gun too much of the game would be completed. The only challenging thing to do now is possibly the "No Sweat" race which may take a few tries as the game loves to rubber band races and of course the "Death by 1000 Cuts". To do the Death by 1000 cuts try my other save file. It's beaten right after the enduro race so you'll enjoy it as much as  this.

the other two save files located in your saves folder when you press start

#2 - Summit - 99.9% done game
This is for achievement hunters. I made a very basic task anyone could do to get a 100% achievement. The location of the drunk is in the photos. Just pull him out with the grab button (B on an Xbox controller) and push him out without hurting or killing him.

#3 - Mall loitering - 100% done
There may be a few achievements to get out of this such as the
*red envelopes with money
*things to buy for in your house
*eating something from every vendor.
Using this file will most likely not get you a lot of achievements besides that but you can replay missions if desired