Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
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Two save files. One does the most annoying race in the game. The other also passes death by 1000 cuts

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If you're here you know how annoying this race is. I passed it doing as little as possible so you can still enjoy the game.

To install
Copy and replace the files to the Data folder Sleeping Dogs is in. To access it.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SleepingDogsDefinitiveEdition\data

These are intended for Sleeping Dogs "Definitive Edition"
I've uploaded two save files

1) - the autosave when you press continue the game
The Enduro race is passed.
Nothing is collected, only one piece of clothing I thought would help me win a race as you get the "Somersault Cloud" with it is how I remember.
The cars/bikes collected are the ones you'll win the races with
The only car not unlocked I highly recommend is the DZS-90 (car with guns on it) but you've got to complete a good portion of the game to unlock it. Then all the A class races are effortless.

2) - Death Of 1000 Cuts is completed
This is one of the most challenging side quests in the game. It's the other file in the games save file list

To unlock the DZS-90 it happens very close to the end of the game doing jobs for Dr. Tang. Do them all and you'll be able to finally be
able to drive it in A class car races. Besides its speed you can shoot the other cars with it and not get in any trouble

As a bonus you've got 3 million dollars and a face level of 10 so you can buy anything when you start the game.

Some races heavily rely on a technique called rubber banding so no matter how well you do in the first half of longer races don't worry the cars will come back where you are. The only really difficult race left is "no sweat" but eventually the game does let you win it. One thing that worked for me as I was neck to neck with another driver was using the nudge (X on an Xbox controller) to nudge forward and I won the race as dumb as it sounds.

My best advice to get good at the game is date Amanda, Tiffany and Ilyana as soon as possible as all Sandra does is unlock a few more races and not ping it's just spy cameras for some achievement. Collect all the jade statues and health shrines as quickly as possible then the game is way more forgiving. Let them strike first. Attack the largest guys first the ones who never block. Don't forget about the "Zodiac island tournament" located in Central as it'll increase your Triad score to get to level 10 to make you stronger in fights with the new moves and so forth. Also be sure to wear the right outfits to get Triad or Cop boosts. Otherwise you'll have to beat every mission Hollywood action movie perfect.