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With 276 mods installed, and a tweaked full effect Rudy ENB sometimes I get lost in the surroundings, and just enjoy wandering the woods, and

That's when you know a game is good. When you're just content to be in that world even if all you're doing is sightseeing.


  1. FrostyDudess17
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    So beautiful! I love your tree set up and your ENB is lovely too  
    1. Nicoroshi
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      Tress are a mixture.
      Jedi, CG4, Myrkvior, EEKs Renthal

      Grasses and plants also a mixture.
      Origins of forest, Folkvangr, Folkvangr summer tundra, jedi, EEK's, 3D mountain flowers, and ArtbyMari plants.

      Weather is Kyne's weather, and seasons with volumetric mists

      Water is a mixture too:
      Realistic water 2 with water for ENB textures, and Rally's water foam.

      Rocks are majestic mountains with Better dirt cliffs and alphas on a base of Pfuscher’s Skyrim 2020 textures.

      The ENB is Rudy for Obsidian weathers (closest to Kyne's weather)
      Tweaked mainly eye adaptation values, and turned on HDR (also slightly tweaked).

      The new system is named Beast for a reason. All of this can and will tax out your system however I was able to run almost the exact same mod list on a 1060 GTX 6GB (see videos of it on my channel) after reducing texture size to 2K maximum on the old system so it can be done.
    2. steelfiredragon
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      what is the framerate with jedi?
    3. FrostyDudess17
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      I’ll have to tweak my set up a bit! Thank you for your specs
    4. Nicoroshi
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      I can't really tell you specifically what the framerate hit is for Jedi Trees since i have many other factors that contribute installed with it.
      What I can tell you is changing between dynamic and static trees makes a big difference in framerate, and Jedi is adding more trees.
      Framerate will be better with static trees that won't 'wiggle'. Rendering the animation takes resources, and many of the tree animations are kind of wonky anyway.
      Also the number of skinned trees the system needs to render makes a difference. Easier for the system to render a lower resolution billboard at distance and only 40 skinned trees than 200 skinned trees.
      The detailed draw distance also plays a role. The further out the system needs to render trees the more resources it will take (lower framerate). Use DynDOLOD and this value can be reduced without tree 'pop in'.

      So a better question would be "What settings in the .ini file would work for 'X' graphics card with 'X' amount of VRAM so that I can easily run Jedi trees."
      Very system dependent and also current mod list dependent. If your system is already using 95% of the available VRAM to run the high texture mods you have installed then adding more will certainly cause stutter as the system struggles to load things as fast as it needs to render them.
      Great way to check is task manager.
      Open task manager and go to performance tab
      Now start the game and play
      ALT+Tab to the task manager and see how much VRAM the graphics card was using while you were playing.
      If it's completely maxed out then you need to have lower resolution textures to allow the VRAM some nreathing room to do it's job.
      Cathedral assets optimizer can not only resize textures in a batch but can also convert them to BC7 format which is SSE is optimized to use.

      Bethini is a great little program
      Get it.
      Makes editing values in  the ini much easier and has pop up tool tips to explain what certain settings do.
      Highly recommend that for everyone.