Skyrim Special Edition
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This is a short Preview for an upcoming feature in my Skyrim SE mod:

Enemy (R)Evolution of Skyrim - EEOS

This mod adds usually Player - only Stuff to NPCs and certain Creatures. Spells,Shouts,Perks and Potions get lore-friendly and handplaced provided, ensuring for an Immersed World, where not only the Dragonborn is allowed to use all the cool stuff. Most of all our beloved mods are already supported.

This Video is meant to show how Player-Only Spells get added to Fire Atronachs. They are literally creatures born from fire,yet their basic spells are weaker than the ones from a low level bandit mage. This needs to change. I will take care of that :)

The mod was already in the Hot files. The best is: The mod comes without any Plugin or Scripts. This makes it 99.9% compatible with all other mod combinations,and it can be added and removed anytime you want.

Be sure to check it out :) You will find more videos there,and in the comment section you can see that every user is satisfied with it and doesnt want to go back to a Skyrim without EEOS ;)