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Part One of my new Skyrim custom-voiced follower mod tutorial series, where I'll teach you how to make a follower mod of your own with all the bells and whistles Lucien has. In this episode, I'll show you how to get started in the Creation Kit, design your NPC's appearance and set them up as a fully-functional vanilla-voiced follower!

Special thanks go to Deck16 for their fabulous guide, which is how I learned to make a follower mod myself! Check it out here:

Thumbnail Art by Nero Arts. Twitch banner by Alpha Gaming.

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  1. splenty76
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    I admit, I had to stop my requiem playthrough to watch this: being a Game Master for my friends and also being an amateur in theater, I kinda like getting into voice acting. I feel like I could create something decent for skyrim, your video was the perfect answer
    thank you Lucien, I will no longer force you to hold all the gold and jewelries I could not carry