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17 Weather mods compared ( Vanilla included )11 Meteo situations
The comparison has been made with NO ENB to be fair for all weather mods
only mountain fog and Storm lightning added
All weather mods have been compared on their vanilla custom weathers
Some weathers have really different and unique features, some have custom clouds included or mist effect or unique sunset and sunrise.
It's not a matter which one is the best, it's a matter of what are you looking for.

P.S.: Picturesque weathers overhaul result to be extremly dark cause it's suppose to work along it's own ENB preset


  1. Olydia
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    Thanks for doing all the work to put this together. It must have taken a while, but it's so useful to be able to see these comparisons. I usually spend such a far to long trying to pick a weather mod, but this will definitely speed things up!
    1. L3st4t
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      Thank you no problem! it was a hard work but worthed, it was also usefull to find out i had some little mistakes on my Weather mod, and it's also nice to see that there are so underated mod that have been around for a while like Autumn skies has some pretty nice weather situation and author has improved along time the mods, Unfortunatly small author like me or other we don't get the right visuality or support from youtubers that tehd to review always the same mods of the famous authors.
      Anyway i hope you 'll find out the weather mod for you! 16 are really a lot to choose of!
  2. Moksha8088
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    Thank you for making this video. It is the most comprehensive and best weather comparison video to date.

    BTW, you might want to fix the sound at the first of the video.
    1. L3st4t
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      thank you!! it tooks about 3/4 days !! hell of a job!
      There was a deer running in the place i was recording.. :-D