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Title: "The Horseman's Headtaker SSE"The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition
Skyrim Mod Quickie
Tutorial - Part 48 - Episode 48
With Commentary
PC Showcase
1440p 30 FPS

The Horseman's Headtaker SSE

"The headless Horseman has come to Skyrim (or so his weapon) and it is
up to you to unleash hell as you see fit.
This adds the axe of the Headless Horseman from the TV Show Sleepy

In this SSE version, everything was redone from the oldrim one. The
meshes have been slightly changed, the glowing meshes are now completely
new with new details and a new glowmap. The alternative variants are
now craftable. But most importantly, this corrects a glitch that have
been bugging me forever where the glow would not show up sometimes. Now
everything works perfectly well!

There is the enchanted version and the unenchanted version. Both have
one handed and two handed variants. The enchanted versions heats up when
enemies are near with custom sounds during each activation and
deactivation with a burning slashing sound when hitting your targets
making additional fire damage to them. The One handed is only looted
from the stone coffin along with a note. The other variants can only be
acquired by crafting them and in order to do so,
you need that have the note on you while at the Smithing station. They
all share the same stats as the daedric war axes and battle axes and
require Ebony ingots and firewood to craft. No perk needed."