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Title: "Whiterun Market"

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition
Skyrim Mod Quickie
Tutorial - Part 47 - Episode 47
With Commentary
PC Showcase
1440p 30 FPS

Whiterun Market

-- Modified Exterior of Whiterun only- scrip-free and lore friendly-
- Added 17 structures/houses
- Added an Inn now it's functional!!!!
- Added an exterior marketplace
- Expanded exterior defensive structure
- Expanded all farming fields
- Added 6 NPC with AI package
- Added 4 merchants with AI package
- Added furniture and immersive details

What i'll do:
- Fix bugs
- Add "run for your life" to all NPC's
- Next update may take a few days:
. Add occlusion boxes for more fps

What i'm considering doing:
dont expect fast updates from me, since i'll be quit busy in the next months, or so
- Adding more vanilla lines to the merchants and farmers
- Redo the interior of the inn for more whiterun-like model
- Adding 1/2 houses in the elysium estate patch for those who want some followers to live close by.
- feel free to give some sugestions, specially with the guard barracks - i'm not sure what to do with those
- Give ownership to all crops and some items from the merchants that are missing it - as optional

Compatibility list:
Mods that only change interior of whiterun=Of course
Mods that change the same area=i dont think soo
Immersive citizens=probably not, not tested - i recommend AI overhaul instead
Whiterun Gates and Walls Restored - reported not compatible due to clipping
Whiterun Expansion Redone - reported compatible - load this mod after mine