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Title: "The Huntsman SE"

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition
Skyrim Mod Quickie
Tutorial - Part 45 - Episode 45
With Commentary
PC Showcase
1080p 60 FPS

The Huntsman SE

The Huntsman by InsanitySorrow
Please refer to the original mod's description page, but be aware that many changes have been made for this to work in Special Edition WITHOUT the need for SKSE.
I have managed to implement new ways for the upgrade system to work, which I will detail below, however it HAS lost the ability to level with the player.
To offset against this, I have re-worked the base statistics of each upgrade so that the bow can still be used from the very start of the game and still be useful towards the end game.
The final upgrade for the bow has slightly lower damage than a Daedric bow, but has a faster fire rate and less weight.

I may look at releasing an oponaal version with no scope depending on how much time I have.

Skyrim Special Edition (Including Hearthfire)

* The bow no longer levels with the player, base stats have been modified to offset against this.
* Upgrade components are now crafted through the MISC section, Actual upgrades are applied through the STEEL section at a forge. Upgrade kits require a certain Archery skill before they show up, I will detail these below.
* Camo paints are no longer included in the mod. Instead, I have made new wooden finish textures, these are applied when you first create a bow and cannot be changed. If you want a bow with a different finish you will need to craft a new one from scratch.
* Added descriptions to each bow, these briefly explain what changes were made.
* Scaled down the bows a bit as I found them too big, have also fixed the sights to line up better.
* Made minor tweaks to the textures, The environment mapping on the original looked great on metal but impacted the wooden areas too much so i have reduced their overall effect.
* Removed all scripts and cell edits, to push the focus back towards crafting and ensure greater compatibility.

This mod will now be compatible with everything except perhaps SkyRe and Requiem, in fact even then it should be compatible but may just not work as intended due to those mods changing how archery works in general."