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Title: "Magic of Time and Space"

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition
Skyrim Mod Quickie
Tutorial - Part 43 - Episode 43
With Commentary
PC Showcase
1080p 60 FPS

Magic of Time and Space

"What this mod adds so far:
- A small quest to find the secret of the glamoril, an ancient powerfull artifact. It's said that it was stolen from Akatosh by Shalidor himself and is now in Skyrim, hidden somewhere in Labyrinthia. SPOILER: Once you put the Diadem of the Savant the so called glamoril will appear in your inventory.
The quest will start once you load the game and it's poorly implemented but still better than the mods from the Creation Club.

- 16 new Spells that will be described below, you can also see the screenshots

- A new Player Home.

- A Staff that stops time.

-An elder scroll as a backpiece that increases your efectivity as a mage"


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    Great video. Heading to YT to like and sub right now. TY for sharing.