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Still want Ray tracing and HDT-SMP hair

so we look at another angle :)

I noticed that the micro stutters I was getting seemed to be fairly consistent in relation to time.

I can run the game heavily modded and smooth without HDT-SMP and RTGI enabled 
I don’t think it either of those that cause the stutters but the shear amount of things I have crammed in there that stress the system to the point that little things that normally go un-noticed surface.

So what would use resources at a regular interval like clockwork?
my thought was a script check.

went through my load order looking for any mod that might have a script that fits that description.

I found a couple and removed them since the things they added to the game were ones I could live without 

I won’t name them or say that they are bad because they aren’t since I have used them for quite a while without any issues.
It was only when I pushed the limits of the game engine did these micro stutters appear.
Like the game was taking just a second to finish a calculation before continuing on causing frame rate to drop 20-30 FPS but only for a moment.

Now HDT-SMP and RTGI still have a frame rate cost but that wasn’t my issue since I knew they would. 
What I wanted was consistency in frame rate.
I can play at the frame rate in this video although it is 10-15 FPS lower than without RTGI and HDT-SMP enabled.
I was just looking to smooth the render out.

I believe the best experience would be to toggle RTGI off in third person outdoors for the added frame rate (note: this video has it enabled the whole time), and enable it when indoors or interacting with NPCs where it’s benefits truly shine.
Leaving cloaks using 360 animation for cloak ‘flair’, and body using CBPE narrows HDT-SMP usage to hair and cloth 
That still has a frame rate cost but reduced compared to everything using HDT-SMP
Removing the mods with script checks did significantly improve smoothness with system GPU at 99%, CPU around 20%, VRam at 16-19 GB and system ram at 16-18GB

The balancing act continues :)


  1. phatbassanchor
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    Fly, be free!

    1. Nicoroshi
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      RTGI is nice but the frame rate cost is high (up to 10 fps) 
      It adds bounce light shadows and AO as well as tinting things based on the surrounding light source color.
      However……… This is most noticed when interacting with NPC or close up view of your own character.
      Didnt want to give it up (or should I say it’s effects) but also didn’t want to knock 10 fps off my game and toggling It on and off depending on situation was frankly a pain and a bit immersive breaking as shadowing changed in an instant when toggled.
      so what to do…….
      ENB has AO settings and SSS as well.
      Can we adjust these using RTGI as a model to simulate the overall effect (minus the light source tint) and have it enabled all the time without the frame rate hit?
      Why yes, Yes we can :)

    2. phatbassanchor
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      Mork calling Orson, come in Orson...
      Shazbot!  Your last communication was totally garbled, Orson...
      Did not receive...  Made no sense...
      It all sounded like static and technical jargon...
      You know that you sent me to this planet in a self guided egg for good reason, right? 
      I said, "Fly, be free!"  Not fill me with techno jargon!  So, Fly, be free!
      Those eggs do not want to fly either! 
      Nanoo, nanoo... this is Mork, signing off...
    3. Nicoroshi
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      in layman’s terms
      Dont need Ray tracing shader to make the girls pretty.
      ENB can do it on its own
      Your game will run better this way
      Orson out
    4. phatbassanchor
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      Oooooooooh... So, THAT is what that meant...  Hmmm...  Yes... Phat likes easy pretty girls... er... made easy... Wait a minute... that didn't quite sound the same here as it did in my head!  Apologies, ladies!
      I thought we already passed on that for both of our games.  I know we had discussed making sure that we don't have two different tools trying to modify the same setting.  RTGI must be a different ray shader than the McFly thing, I guess.  I know you are trying every option.  So, I'll leave you too it.   Anyway... glad to hear you were able to pick some free fps, brother.   That is always good news.  
      Adventure ever on, Phat
      PS:  Glad you caught the Mork references.  RIP Robin Williams... the most lovable lunatic ever.  
    5. Nicoroshi
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      Of course I caught that reference.
      I’m of the same generation you are brother (we both getting old).
      RTGI is Marty mcflys ray tracing shader.
      ray tracing global illumination 

      my point was the effects are nice but can be closely simulated tweaking ENB subsurface scatter and ambient occlusion effects I already have enabled without the frame rate hit from RTGI and reshade.

      It’s not the same mind you but overall effect on screen is really darn close so for me a better option to save frame rate.