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I just released a rant as well lol talos heard my prayers 

I'am going to be making a mod video series out of this
If you have any mods you would like me to show case please let me know and ill check out your mod.

Music check out his channel he makes great music


  1. mangst
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    several u tube tutorials ESO Camel and others will show how
  2. Dafestus
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    I've downloaded and installed theskse 64, but when I try to run the game, it just doesn't. Can you help me how to fix this?
  3. Tanman621
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    • 4 posts
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    This won't break my computer will it?
  4. Axis28
    • member
    • 2 posts
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    Perhaps a dumb question:

    When installing Skyrim SE through Steam, the executable is "SkyrimSE.exe" not "TESV.exe", so when trying to run the "skse_loader.exe" it pops up with an error "Couldn't find TESV.exe".

    Is there an easy way to point SKSE to the correct executable?
    1. rappbulle98
      • premium
      • 14 posts
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      SkyrimSE's skse executable should be named "skse64_loader.exe" when you download it. Not "skse_loader.exe", if it is then you've downloaded the oldrim skse most likely.
  5. paladin181
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    If it's an ALPHA then it's not technically released.
    1. Darkomen43
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      Its out enough to say hey were doing it, this is awesome news!
    2. BurningFalcon
      • member
      • 163 posts
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      They also said, the alpha should only used by modders and not by users, since it's not ready yet and bugs may occur or even break your game.
      Yet, the nexus is flooded by mods using the SKSE...
    3. JadeStephanie
      • member
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      Holy cheese and crackers, thats good to know, I was just about to start modding with it xD. Thnx for the heads up. xoxo <3
    4. TakezoDunmer2005
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      Yep, I'll wait 'til the full release as well...
    5. SkyrimAddict0
      • member
      • 371 posts
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      I wonder how much will it take to get a reliable SKSE.Just curious.
    6. Corybander
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      Uncertainty is the reason for Alpha. The more people use it, test it, and run into the problems (or don't) the more we can ascertain how Alpha it really is. There's a lot there, and it hasn't been thoroughly tested. It needs to be, so why not take it for a crash run? I'll be doing my build soon. Exciting times are development times.
  6. Neocount01
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    Nice work guys, I'm stoked!!