Skyrim Special Edition Modding Guide Ep9 - Converting Mods Set-up and Tools by DirtyWeaselMedia
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Added: 09/09/2017 - 04:11PM
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The next couple of episodes will be focused on converting mods from original Skyrim for use in the Special Edition using the Creation Kit from Bethesda.

This video is all about getting the Creation Kit, setting up the .ini files and gathering some tools needed to do the job properly.

The series itself will be designed around the mod user who wishes to convert basic mods for their own personal use. And I want to stress that,
for personal use, at no point should the mods converted by you be redistributed to the public without the original mod author's permission.

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8/30/17 Update: Moved - [Messages] bBlockMessageBoxes=1 to CreationKitCustom.ini (Bad info)

//Copy and paste into created CreationKitCustom.ini//

//Edit CreationKit.ini under [Archive]//
Add to at end of sResourceArchiveList= ", Update.bsa"
Add to at end of SResourceArchiveList2= ", Update.bsa"

Links to Resources -
Download Launcher:

Gamerpoets Video on FO4 CK:

SSE NIF Optimizer on Nexus:

Bethesda Archive Extractor on Nexus:

Guide to Animation.hkx conversion on Nexus:

This video showcases 2 files

  • 33,787

    Bethesda Archive Extractor (BSA and BA2)
    Bethesda Archive Extra...
    by jonwd7
  • 41,557

    SSE NIF Optimizer
    SSE NIF Optimizer
    by ousnius

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