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Using what we learned in the Episode 5 of this series we will be installing Kassent's Skyrim Skill Uncapper for Skyrim Special Edition.

As we are using Meh321's DLL Plugin Loader, it requires special instructions to make things work for both Nexus Mod Manager and Mod Organizer 2. But, don't worry I've got both managers covered.

I will also go over configuring the mod's uncapper.ini file for use with your game, and I've got something special planned in that regard.

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Cal's Skyrim Skill Uncapper .ini for Ordinator on Nexus:

Prerequisite -
DLL Plugin Loader on Nexus:

Ep.5 of Skyrim SE Modding Guide covering installation of DDL Plugin Loader:

Skyrim Skill Uncapper on Nexus:
Keyboard Shortcut Fix on Nexus:
Achievement Mods Enabler on Nexus:

Other References -
xShadowmansx DLL Loader on Nexus:
Skyrim Community Uncapper on Skyrim Nexus:
Better Leveling on Skyrim Nexus:
Custom Uncapper for Ordinator on Skyrim Nexus: