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quick walkthrough of the castle. Not much editing and no commentary . Just showing off my progress so far. Enjoy


  1. phatbassanchor
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    Breathtaking, dear friend!

    Random comments/suggestions...
    *The wolves heads in the entryway look really tiny on those giant walls... Maybe something larger, like a dragon skull?  Those walls are so immense and tall that they could easily support larger ornamentation, even full bears standing on a shelf mount.  I really like that you chose single pieces as a focal point rather than cluttering the wall in an attempt to fill it up.
    *Love the dining hall!  Not a fan of the deer skulls though.  Those are more of a Forsworn and Riekling thing.  Not my taste for somewhere I live.  The mounted elk surrounded by the bear heads works rather well.  
    *The remaining bare walls could use a shield or shield/crossed weapon mount.  Every space need not be filled but a few shields would be a nice touch.  I'm sure Nico would approve if you'd like to use some of his.  Any iron or steel shields will automatically have Nico's models in my game.  But, he has some straight up custom shields that are pretty amazing!  He has more shields planned but there are three done at present, Kyne's Tree of Life, Dragon and Raven.  I love all three!  They are some of the last mods he made.  So, they're right near the top of his mod page sort...
    If you like that idea, just send Nicoroshi a quick PM request to use them or any of his mods you like.  He loves to share.  So, feel free to ask.  He requires only that an author ask to use his mods in their own creations and provide a credit on the mod page.  I use them on mannequins and shield racks in my homes regularly.  I usually play stealth characters with bow and dual wielding as a back up when overrun.  However, those shields are so gorgeous...  They have me playing sword and board more often now.
    *I love the statuary!  It's always good to see Dibella.   Yet, shouldn't she be surrounded by greenery and flowers rather that those dead, brown leaves?  Unless, of course, you are going for a statement that love and passion are long dead within these hallowed halls...
    *Love the candle stands and table sconces!  Could use more of them.  It's pretty dimly lit at present.  I'm always wanting better lighting to see inside my homes.  No worries if you prefer is a bit more dim.  I'll be employing a mod called Quick Light in my new LO.  It gives the player a warm light radius that is fairly large and fills the room with light.  But, I do prefer well lit player homes as a general rule.  I can see in here.  But, it could be just a bit brighter...  Maybe a few more chandeliers?  That would be my preference...  
    *Love those amazing floor tiles throughout the castle!  Very well played!  I like that you didn't feel the need to clutter up every inch of space.  I run with three to five followers most of the time.  So, floor space sufficient to allow movement is paramount in my preferred homes.  I could easily have the AFT max of seven followers and still move through here without any log jams.  I really like that!
    *Well appointed kitchen!  Could use a couple more chandeliers for better lighting and some sort of food locker for cold storage.  Dry storage for produce and a pie/cake rack cupboard for baked storage would also be nice touches as well.  Many homes add in a cubby for prepped foods too.  But, that is another purpose for the cold locker, IMHO.  Hanging raw meats on one side with shelves with a storage activator for prepared foods on the other...  
    *Love, love, love the library!  It could use more bookcases along that far wall in that loft.  But, the layout is rather intimate.  I enjoyed that area.  Still could use a bit more light in here too...
    *Oh!  The library has a downstairs with more bookshelves already!  Very nice!  Love that Mage's crafting nook in the back!  Well played, dear friend!  Very nice indeed!
    *Had to have a second look...  I'd like to see more greenery in the flora and not so much brown... unless you go for a more golden, magically glowing look to the leaves that currently look brown, dead and lifeless.  If you are going for more of an autumnal feel then maybe some reds and golds among those leaves...
    *Love the bunting!  Expert touch!  Very nice!  
    *Again, there are some blank walls that could use a shield dotted about, like ascending the stairs and other blank walls throughout the keep.
    *Still wanting more light in my second pass.  Having only four candles in those large chandeliers just isn't enough light for me.  That could easily triple to twelve candles... easily.  In a place this large... anywhere and everywhere you can shed a little light is appreciated.  Now, if that is just your ENB making it darker then feel free to tell old Phat to STFU! 

    Okay...  That's about it for comments and suggestions.  In the end it is always your mod, your call, 100%.  So, please feel free to use any of my ideas that you like and sh** can the rest, okay?  There's a lot to love here.  Unlike my previous factual suggestion on the gate latch, which you noticed and fixed, all of my suggestions today are merely my opinion and not factual in any way.  After finally noticing where the ladders lead in the library... well, you don't need to add any more bookcases!  Hahaha   However, the whole place could use a few additional lumens.  It's pretty dim at present, IMHO.  My tired old man eyes were wanting more light in every room.  Again, these are just my opinions here.  Take and use any you like as your own and discard any with which you do not agree.  This is just me thinking out loud as I have done with many other author friends, most prolifically with Nicoroshi.  My feelings will not be hurt if you don't use my suggestions.  They are merely that, suggestions.  

    I love what you are doing here.  I'm excited to try this out in game!  So, please let me know if you need it beta tested.  I'd love to have an early look see into this grand estate!  But, no hurries, no worries.  I could tell early on that this mod would take a ton of work and time.  Take all the time you need to make it perfect.  It's really shaping up nicely! 
    Have a great day brother!

    Adventure ever on, Phat
    1. mmccarthy4
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      I do plan on filling up the walls. I could take a second look at my floral decor choices but I do like the orange and red leaves. I plan to do more to the entrance way. It's empty compared to the library and other areas. 
    2. phatbassanchor
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      Use any ideas you like and discard the rest.  This list was 100% opinion.  So, it's utterly subjective... just MHO.

      I eagerly await the next installment
  2. thumbincubation
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    Looks amazing.