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A showcase of the upcoming The Great City of Winterhold 4.0. No voice over this time.


  1. Critical35
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    Very impressive, though I was reminded of something while watching this. In places where there have been ruins, folks living nearby would often take the stones from those ruins to use on their own projects (why waste stone on a fallen tower when you can use it for a house's foundation?). This shows that very little of that has happened in that time, and I like to believe it's because nobody is trying to rebuild. A bit of environmental storytelling there. Nice.
  2. DarkFireX343
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    Will there be new npc? Although it is abandoned, I feel that there is a lack of life in the city
    ps, great job!?
  3. Ghost2018
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    WooooW,.... it looks cool. wooow...
  4. graywinds
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    looks like winterfell ,nice dude
  5. ChernoAlpha97
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    Looks great! Very different to what we've seen before. Will it be part of Minor cities and Towns?