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Hello Dragonborns !


I am known as GLAM BAZOONGA

I made this name because I like to make the characters in Skyrim to look very glamorous and have nice BAZOONGAs. 

Well...most of them. 

I like my Skyrim to be very beautiful and IMMERSIVE. Of course immersive to how I see it. 

Not the very lore-friendly style, but not modern or cartoonish. The eclectic, fantasy style.


I mostly make NPC replacers, usually for the females of Skyrim, but will make more males in the future. 

Also I make some standalone followers, but rarely. Not cstom voiced or with quests, because it is beyond my skills. 

My modding knowledge is pretty basic. 

I am making them Skyrim girls glamorous, pretty, lovely, cute, sexy and HOTT.

I put a lot of love and effort in my mods and it makes me soooo happy that people enjoy them, endorse them and to see pictures of my GLAM NPC. 


I wish I could GLAM all the NPC in Skyrim. I really love it. 

But each mod takes me a lot of time. I am kinda slow. 


I started playing Skyrim in 2015 and got addicted to it. 

I hope to continue making mods for Skyrim. 

I love Skyrim. I love mods. 

We all know that:





Here is Evelyn, (surprisingly) my most popular mod on the Nexus: