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Amateur screenarcher. Collector of NPC replacers.


Goal: Uploading a screenshot of every overhauled NPC and added follower in my game.

Female NPCs are finished. Male NPCs will follow eventually.


--Overhauls I'm using for my female NPCs--


Metalsabers Beautiful Orcs of Skyrim

The Ordinary Women SE

Kalilies NPCs

Pandorable's NPCs

Pandorable's NPCs - Dawnguard

Pandorable's NPCs - Dragonborn

Bijin Warmaidens SE

Bijin NPCs SE

Bijin Wives SE

Jarls Re-Imagined (only Idgrod Ravencrone)

Shield Sisters Re-Imagined (only Borgakh the Steel-Heart and Ugor)

Serana Re-Imagined SE

Seranaholic SSE (Only Valerica installed)

Pandorable's Black-Briar Ladies (Maven and Ingun Replacer)

Pandorable's Initiates (Dark Brotherhood Initiates Replacer)

Pandorable's Lethal Ladies (Karliah and Jenassa Replacer)

Pandorable's Shield Sisters (Ria and Njada Stonearm Replacer)

Pandorable's Brelyna (Brelyna Maryon Replacer)



--Overhauls I'm using for my male NPCs--


WICO - Windsong Immersive Character Overhaul

Jampion NPCs 

Male NPC Overhaul SE

eeekie's Enhanced NPCs (Tolfdir,Jarl Igmund,Esbern and Balimund installed)

Dx's Better Men of Skyrim SE

EulogySC NPCs

Pandorable's NPCs - Males


I'm using my own custom NPC Merge, so I handpicked the NPCs from all my installed overhauls to fit my taste.


--Followers and additional NPCs I'm using--


Immersive College NPCs


Interesting NPCs SE with Cuyima Interesting NPCs Overhaul installed

Lucien with Pandorable's Lucien Replacer installed

Inconsequential NPCs with Visual Overhaul installed (both ported from Skyrim LE)

Alkaia - Custom Voiced Standalone Follower

Livia Salvian Revamped

Sofia - The Funny Fully Voiced Follower

Kaidan 2 with Pandorable's Kaidan Replacer

Pandorable's Serana (Malora Follower installed)

Pandorable's Voira

Pandorable's Frea and Frida (only Frida follower installed)

Pandorable's Lady Arkay

Pandorable's Vimar Ice-Blood

Pandorable's Daedra of Daggerfall - Azura

The Dark Triumvirate - Revamped

Carmilla - Vampire Follower

Chaconne Follower SE

Vivace Follower SE

Toccata Follower SE

Kirsten - Voiced Follower

Evelyn - A High Poly Follower


ENB: Rudy ENB for Cathedral Weathers with ELFX and ELE for in- and exterior lighting.


Character Textures: Bijin Skin for females, Tempered Skin for males


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