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Global Liberator

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Global Liberation Army Assassin

Rank: Stealth General and Assassin Legend   

Name: Global Liberator 

Age: Unknown

Known Tactics: Elite Sniper,Toxic Weapons of Mass Destruction (Scud Storms) 

Threat Level: !!! Maximum Priority Target !!!

Known Location: Skyrim (but he has a army on his side)  


I am enlisting some members for  Global Liberation Army Discord


Hello comrades and dovahkiins im the GLA assassin and welcome you all to my profile.

Members of the nexus that are positive to others and respectful might get a email to join the cause. It is a chill place to talk Skyrim for modders, players and utubers. If we help one another we may all have a better game to play and learn new tricks for scene archery, modding help, offsite links and bug help lots more 

Only the chosen ones may join my ranks hope to see you there True Soldiers of Skyrim!!! 


Long Live The GLA!!!!

Command and Conquer Zero Hour still RULES!!! 


Eva by r1goodwin capture by me!! 




If you want to join my friend V Toad-Vihanxero1 discord heres the link check it out Awesome spot!!

Vihanxero1 on the nexus

Big thanks to Vihanxero1 for making me Tuka follower on his request page Great work!!