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"Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live. Code for readability." - John F. Woods (1991)


Like many of you, I'm a gamer that is rarely satisfied with games as presented by the developer. As a result, I modify them to my tastes. Mods that I make myself adhere to my own principles which are as follows:


Mods should enhance the game, not distract from it:

A mod should blend in as seamlessly as possible with the vanilla game while also enhancing it. Never at any time should you be able to look at a modded element and be able to tell it is from a mod.


Mods should work as-is with no additional requirements or configuration whenever possible:

When you install a mod it should just work. You should not need to spend your valuable time tweaking it, activating it, or making sure you included required prerequisites (exception: unofficial patches). It should all be right there in the download. Any tweaking the player can do should be optional and should be implemented in such a way as to not violate the first principle. This means no "configuration spells," "configuration books," "configuration items," "configuration pop-ups," or other assorted menu clutter (excepting an configuration menu on the start menu) that only get in the way. Download, install, done.


Compatibility is the responsibility of the player:

I mod as I have the time to do so. Requiring myself to test for compatibility with other mods that I did not personally make uses up the time I have to mod and will inevitably lead to burnout. Thus, I will not test for compatibility and any compatibility issues with mods that I did not make should be the player's responsibility to resolve if they want to use them together. Likewise, I am not responsible for unintended consequences for changes others make to my mods for compatibility with others. You break it, you bought it.


Mods are Free:

I will never, EVER, upload my mods to a place that requires you to pay for them. Not only is this a violation of Nexus rules, it is a violation of my own morals. If you see something I made on a place like that, please let me know so that I can remedy the situation. I will, however, gladly accept donations as this helps me have more time to create content for players (and myself) to enjoy.


Share and Share Alike:

Any mod I make will adhere to the "Cathedral" view. That is to say, I am perfectly happy with my work being used by others, as long as I am given due credit for it. I will never take a mod that I have made (which only contains my own work) down or set it to hidden unless asked to by the Nexus moderation team.


I know this is a lengthy read (especially since it doesn't have any pictures) but these are the principles by which I work, so if you need to know anything "About Me" I'd say these are probably it.