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Late April/Early May notice - I'm moving house and job, so while I'm preternaturally good at finding free time (hence the many comment replies), my mod updates will be unusually timed. It might take me a day to do a huge update, or 3 days to do a minor patch. Just wanted to explain that.




Hi, I'm a mod enthusiast who downloads lots of mods for BGS games. I also make a lot of supportive comments dotted around, which is where 90% of my profile views are probably from.


I've started publishing Skyrim mods after years of lurking, taking my "if only this existed" ideas into my own hands. I'm also mentally preparing to mod the heck out of upcoming Bethesda game Starfield.



My current in-progress mods are:


Functional Windows [Immersive Interiors successor] - Basically making a mod I've always wanted finished. It's definitely going to be uploaded, as an early release at first that gets updated. Basically, interior windows will be transparent and the outside will be visible. I'm trying to do it with as much compatibility as possible. See this mod for my inspiration.

  • I've hit a technical [read: lil baby modder] snag where in some cells, objects and windows want to flicker even though I can't see any occlusion volumes or roombounds, but once I figure it out the mod is nearly done!


Maormer Integrated Race - I'm working on a Sea Elf mod, which will be different from other race mods as I'll actually integrate them into the world, with NPCs, new assets and encounters.

  • This is likely to be finished, since it's actually pretty achievable, just found it a bit tricky but I'll be back onto it.
  • I'll try to expand it to Beyond Skyrim provinces but in layman's terms the CK might reach asset limit and make it hard.


Snow Elf Ruins/Shrines of Auriel Revival - Ruins and dungeons from the first race of Skyrim, using the tileset that only showed up in Dawnguard. Based on a cancelled mod (the actual amount I reuse depends on permissions) that's then cleaned, trimmed back and re-expanded with my own content.

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