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Hey there, hi there, ho there, and just how the heck are ya?  I'm Xenos2112 on here, but Diego2112 just about everywhere else.  Diego the Gaming Gamer who Games.  I'm on YouTube (Diego2112Gaming) and on Twitch (Diego2112Twtich).  As far as the social meeds goes, I've got a Twitter (Diego2112Gaming).  I'm slowly working my way towards a full-blown Gaming Channel on YouTube where I do Learn to Plays, Let's Plays, Lore Videos, Mod Reviews, Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials.  


I'm married to DragoonHeart23, she's big on Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XI/XIV, and suchlike.  She's also started playing Skyrim SE, joined the Nexus, and is working on getting her own load order figured out.


I play lots of games, but mostly focus on Bethesda games like Skyrim, Fallout 3/New Vegas/4, and more recently, the shitestorm that IS Fallout 76.  


I enjoy survival games like the Forest, Subnautica, and ARK.


I don't mod (yet), but I have a deep respect for those that do--particularly Gopher, he's my hero.


I sometimes play guitar/bass/drums/whatever, and record what I play.  I'm not great, but I have fun.


I stream on Twitch (most) Sunday Nights at 9PM EST.  Recovering from a "Silent Myocardial Infarction," all streaming activity is on hold until such a time as I can handle the games I stream.


Thanks so much for stopping by and making me a part of your day.  I really do appreciate it, and I hope you have a wonderful time! /Bob Ross


I've been Diego the Gaming Gamer, and I'll see you on the other side.

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