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For those that are always asking: an "oubliette" is a special kind of dungeon invented by the French. Called a "trap door dungeon" and "a place you put people to forget about them" it was often constructed in the upper floors of French castles so that the condemned could hear the people enjoying themselves below and smell the food they would never eat again as they were left to starve to death in a puddle of their own making.
Pronounced: o͞oblēˈet, and unlike many French words "oubliette" is neither male nor female however I am female and not French.
I write novels that are every bit as obscurely twisted as my name implies. You can check them out from my website.
Adding this to my profile for ease in finding it for myself and anyone else having problems with an unidentified mod in their load order (works for MW, Ob, FO3, FNV, Skyrim).
The following is standard trouble shooting for issues not pinned to an obvious source, verifying your game files through steam is only step 1 aka the easy step.

  • First - have you verified your game files through steam and updated to the latest patch?
  • Second - uncheck all your mods, start a new game, save after the chargen. This will be your 'tester save.' Do Not Overwrite or Delete this save.
  • Third - Enable five mods.
  • Four - Go into game with your tester save. Run from one end of the game world to the other. Go into a few cities. Interact with a few things that are related to your problem. See if anything crashes/doesn't animate properly.
  • Five - No sign of problems? Repeat 3-5. It crashed or something's not right? Go to step 6.
  • Six - something not right? uncheck one of the five mods then go back to your tester save, repeat step 4.

Continue until you have found and fixed your error.