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Nickname Lele. I live in the beautiful countryside of  England , next-door neighbours are sheep XD Skyrim is most defiantly my favourite game. I played oblivion first and I've always loved the architecture there especially cheydinhal. I did try Morrowind but couldn't do it as it was to hard for my taste. I have my little cat Eddy who is always by my side when creating in the ck, emotional support he has a sister Myrtle who is always with my brother.  


I'm a big Pokémon fan, fav blaziken and leafeon

I also sometimes play a bit of sims and Minecraft. but that's it. 


And my favourite wild animal is a Deer / fox


At the moment I am a adult carer as covid made me redundant from my past job, I trained as a beautician but most of all I love pencil art, I don't sell anything though mostly I draw to express myself or just for fun




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