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Hm, well what is there to say? My name is Courtney but Meka/Mekasaa is my "online/gaming" name. Any website or mmorpg I play my name is always a form of Mekasa xD

I have an obsession with all things Elven so 98% of any screenies I share will likely be an Elven character, lol. Aside from my obvious love of Skyrim my next love would be the Dragon Age Series (aside from 2, sorry BioWare that game was ugh) with Inquisition being my absolute favorite, just cause Solas. Yep, I love that egg man xD
I am currently in the process of writing a LITRPG series that features a Elven MC and will likely share the first chapters with everyone on here since ya'll give the best critique and advise!

Anyways, you can never have to many friends, so friends? :D


Here are some of my favorite characters, I have made in Skyrim thus far :)








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