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Hm, well what is there to say? My name is Courtney but Meka/Mekasaa is my "online/gaming" name. Any website or mmorpg I play my name is always a form of Mekasa xD

I have a really horrid memory but the first game I can recall ever playing is castlevania legacy of darkness on N64.

Then I progressed to PS2 which still today is my favortie console. Aside from PS2 I do not play console games.

Primal is my favorite PS2 game ever. But my favorite game of all time is Chrono Trigger.
Ive played every mmorpg known to man. The one I played the longest was PWI on Heavens Tear server. Started playing that somewhere in the between 2007-2010 I believe. Then switched to the private server Epic PW about 4 years ago. But stopped playing that game completely about 2 years ago. Now I play Black Desert Online! :smile:
Ive modded a lot of games on PC. Sims being one. I'm a Sims addict xD
But Skyrim is my absolute favorite to mod. 98% of my mods dont get shared but I have shared a couple of them with ya'll which I do hope you like!
Anyways, you can never have to many friends, so friends? :D



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