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[In-game Screenshots]


Mod authors are free to use, edit, and combine with other pictures/screenshots my In-game screenshots posted on the Nexus. The in-game screenshots can be used on other mod websites as well. This also includes videos that you may use to promote your mod including videos done by other people promoting your mod.


  1. All I ask is that you credit me in some obvious (to the user) way such as on a description page, in a FMOD, directly placing my username on the image itself, credits at the end of a video and/or any other obvious way. It only needs to be 1 obvious spot to meet the requirement.
  2. You may not take credit for or pass off the in-game screenshots as your own.
  3. Do not use my in-game screenshots in paid mods, to promote paid mods, or on other websites that require users to pay to access the website.


That is any in-game screenshot posted anywhere on the Nexus even if it is posted under "user images" for a different mod. Basically, you can do whatever you want with them as long as you follow the 3 stipulations above.



This does not cover any of my in-game screenshots edited by a different mod author. That is now a derivative work. You will need that mod author's permission as well. This only covers in-game screenshots and does not cover any other type of picture or other type of screenshot uploaded by me.


So far I have not uploaded any other type of picture or screenshot.


Example: A Skyrim in-game screenshot of a troll featuring JS Emissive Eyes that is under user images on the JS Emissive Eyes mod page.


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