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I'm not competitive, I play games for fun. I'm the kind of person who searches every square inch of a level just because I'm curious and saves the game before entering every new door. If I can climb, I will climb - Tera and Skyrim have both proved this.


I love RPG's most and MMO's are my dream games. I'm extremely antisocial but I want more than anything to play games online with friends. My prefered class is Rogue, my favourite method of attack is to run ahead of the group - get behind the enemy - and stab. The enemy swarms me and leaves their backs open to my team, it's won fights for me countless times and, usually, I even manage to survive!


I don't consider myself a strong gamer, I can get really good at something with time, but the ability to win doesn't come naturally to me - I have to work for it. I play most of my games on easy, because I'm more interested in the story than the fights, but Nightmare has never been particularly hard for me either.


Someday I hope to become adept at mod making, over the last two years, the methods have begun to make more sense to me, but I still have a long way to go before I'll be making ones of my own.

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